Privacy Policy

This privacy policy (Hereinafter, "the Privacy Policy") constitutes part of the Terms and Conditions of Use applied to customers in their use of the "MIMOSYS®" application (Hereinafter, "the Application") provided by PST Inc. (Hereinafter, "PST") and the services provided through the Application (Hereinafter, "the Services").

PST promises to properly handle customer personal information [Referring to personal information as defined by the law concerning the protection of personal information (Hereinafter, "Personal Information Protection Law."), hereinafter simply "personal information."] according to the content described below, and in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Law and other relevant laws and ordinances, guidelines enacted by the Personal Information Protection Committee and other relevant government agencies, and the guidelines of member organizations.

Furthermore, the terms used in this text are defined according to the Personal Information Protection Law and other relevant laws and ordinances.

1.  Information provided by customers

As a result of customers using the Services, PST will acquire personal information from customers to the extent necessary and by lawful and fair means (Including but not limited to documents, electronic mail, web displays and other images, oral statements and other means). Furthermore, PST will acquire the following information from customers, regardless of whether or not it is personal information.
(A)  Terminal model name, OS version information, location information (automatically acquired)
(B)  Sex, age (entered by customers)
(C)  Analysis results within the Application related to customer audio calls and customer self-recorded audio (customer speech only in both cases) (Hereinafter, collectively "the Audio.") (automatically acquired)
(D)  Other information voluntarily provided by customers (Including information provided by customers via questionnaires and other means implemented by a third party through the Application)
The information in (A) to (D) above is transmitted to a PST database or server for proper management and storage, but the Audio is used only to the extent necessary for analysis by the Application on a customer’s mobile device, shall not be acquired by PST, and additionally shall not be transmitted to or stored in a PST database or server.

2.  Purpose of use

PST will use customer personal information for the following purposes or purposes clear from the circumstances of their acquisition, and except in cases where there is customer consent or recognized by laws and ordinances, will not use them for any other purpose.
(A)  Operating and providing the Services
(B)  Improving the Services, including fixing problems and improving functions
(C)  Developing and exploring new services
(D)  Preparing analyses or statistical materials of user trends, etc.
(E)  Responding to customer inquiries and consultations
(F)  Emergency notification and communication
(G)  Addressing actions violating PST’s Terms and Conditions and other rules related to the Services
(H)  Achieving another purpose for which separate notification was given at the time of acquiring personal information
(I)  Any other reasonable purpose required to carry out services provided by PST

3. Compliance and management system for laws, ordinances and other rules and regulations

In order to prevent the leaking, loss or loss on disposal of personal information, PST will implement appropriate safety management, and make an effort to protect personal information in its possession, according to the Personal Information Protection Law, relevant laws and guidelines, guidelines and internal rules. Additionally, PST will continuously review and improve its safety management measures. All or part of personal information held by PST will be saved under an obligation of safety management similar to handling on a server or by a management company contracted by PST.

4.  Provision to a third party

At PST, personal information is not disclosed to a third party except in the following cases.
(A)  All or part of services or responses by PST requested by the provider of information has been outsourced to a company or other third party by PST.
(B)  A request has been made by a court, the police, tax office, consumer affairs bureau or other agency authorized by laws or regulations.
(C)  Personal information is acquired for the purpose of providing to a third party, and the purpose thereof, data items provided, the means of providing, and stop request destination may be readily communicated or known (Provided that the Personal Information Protection Committee is notified and other procedures stipulated by the Personal Information Protection Law are followed).
(D)  Customer consent has been obtained
(E)  Permitted under the provisions of other laws and ordinances

5.  Disclosure of personal information

Regarding personal information acquired by PST, in the event that a customer desires that their personal information is disclosed, modified or deleted, their request shall be granted to a reasonable extent upon confirming the identity of the customer if stipulated in laws and ordinances.

6.  Modification of this privacy policy

The contents of this privacy policy may be properly reviewed and modified as needed as a result of modification of the Personal Information Protection Law, relevant laws and ordinances, and the content of PST’s business. In which case, modifications to this privacy policy shall be applied from the date of issue of the revised version.

7.  Inquiries and complaints

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Enactment and revision history
 Enacted: 2015 July 1
 Revised: 2017 December 31