For guardians

Participation in "A study of voice-based health status monitoring using a smart phone" (study title)

The early onset of depression among young people due to problems such as bullying is a critical issue. Thus, in this study, we are using minors age 16 and older as subjects. Therefore, we ask guardians to understand the following points, and thereby decide whether it is feasible for your child to participate in this study.

This study consists of voice analysis and a questionnaire, and thus is not invasive.

Guardians have the right to refuse participation in the study by minors.

The principal investigator manages data with an automatically allocated ID number, and cannot identify personal information. Consequently, we cannot respond to inquiries by guardians (Questions such as: Is my child participating in this study?).

If a guardian suspects that a child is participating in the study, they need to confirm whether the study application (MIMOSYS) is installed on an Android terminal. This is the only method of confirmation available.

In the event that a guardian refuses to let a child participate, the sole declaration of intent available is to delete the study application (MIMOSYS) from the child's terminal.

We ask for your understanding of the above in making the appropriate decision.

[Contact] Principal investigator and contact person: Shinichi Tokuno
Verbal Analysis of Pathophysiology,
Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine,
The University of Tokyo
7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033
Tel: 070-6936-0186